The product warranty is 3 months (inner soles, slippers, inserts for linen – 1 month).

If you have purchased a product of improper quality (unfortunately, defects do happen to any manufactures, even to the world-class ones), the defect will emerge within that term and you will be able to have the item replaced free of charge. In terms of the product’s outer fabric and seams, they are not covered under the warranty: our products are made of high quality materials to ensure continuous service without loose seams or frayed fabric (if handled carefully). For better service life it is recommended to use printed cotton pillow slips and cases.

Nevertheless, we can replace an item free of charge if it begins to fall down within a year, provided its general appearance is in a proper state. Unfortunately, we are often requested to replace an item, but it is very hard to guess the way the item was treated. Please remember, that the items are to be used only as intended using special cases made of printed cotton that you can make yourself or buy from us.

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