I, Shuraeva Elena Vladmirovna, hereby confirm that Limited Liability Company Alsariya, which I am the founder of, complies with the social entity criteria established by Nashe Budushcheye (our future), a foundation for regional social programmes, and, therefore, shall:

1. Be committed to, and not recede from, the company’s social mission relevant for the area where a social company operates:

Our company is established to develop, implement and manufacture innovative medical products for rehabilitation and prevention.

Alsariya is the first Russian leading manufacturer of a wide range of patented brand medical (and household) products filled with spherical glass balls – microspheres. Run by medical professionals, the Russian manufacturing company has been operating at the Russian market since December, 2008, when the two patents for the orthopaedic product and its manufacturing process were obtained. The product’s unique nature is associated with the filler represented by a patented compound made of 3 microsphere types. The filler’s properties define a number of physical, chemical and physiological effects researched and proved time and again by the scientists and the leading clinics in Russia. These are dry floatation, antiseptic and antiallergic actions, infrared emissions accumulation and reflection effects. Our products are analysed for efficiency in terms of treatment of acute and chronic prostatitis, traumas, locomotor system diseases, arterial hypertension.

Today the Alsariya product range comprises over 85 articles every family would need: these are physiological pillows and mattresses for adults, Alsariya-Baby medical mattresses for new-borns and preschool children, applicators for various body zones for general health, kits for rooms of relaxation and psychological relief, rooms of occupational disease prevention, sports medicine, emergency medicine, medical products for animals.

The products are approved by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and have all necessary certificates. The manufacturing process is certified against ISO 9000.

The availability of the products for general health and rehabilitation against a wide range of diseases, the availability of the items at home, the absence of contraindications for use – all that contributes to a significant economical effect to the user as a result of savings from medicines, sanatorium and spa treatment.

For instance, a course of lumbodynia drug therapy at hospital would cost about RUB 2000, physical therapy – RUB 3066, outpatient care – RUB 1800. One case of lumbodynia exacerbation would cost about RUB 7000. Spine disorders may cause 2-6 such exacerbations during a year that would amount up to RUB 42000 a year. The average price for the lumbus applicator is RUB 6000. The service life is 3-5 years. The applicator therapy will cost RUB 1500 a year, which is 2 times less than even one course of physical therapy, and 28 times cheaper than 6 full courses of therapy a year.

In over 15 regions there are health rooms equipped with our products where anyone can have 5 – 10 free rehabilitation sessions with our medical products. It is especially important for disadvantaged groups: pensioners, disabled, families with many children.

The availability of our products among the items obtainable for the maternal capital will yield great savings for the rehabilitation of handicapped children with palsy. The treatment in the clinics of Moscow and Petersburg costs RUB 100-120 thousand a month, it is hard to get there by quota. In China the ICP treatment is about USD 1500 (RUB 100 thousand), plus the flight, accommodation, and food. 2-3 courses are recommended for a year. A room for a child with ICP furnished with Alsariya’s equipment costs about RUB 80 thousand. Under the state orders and programmes for social needs the price may be adjusted flexibly to go down by 40 per cent, that is to say down to RUB 50 thousand. The products’ average service life is 5 years. That means that the average cost price of the medical products with microspheres will be RUB 10 thousand a year.

The opportunity of being widely applied in sports medicine ensures quick rehabilitation of sportspeople without medicines many of which are prohibited. The average cost of sports related joint injury treatment is RUB 27000. A knee applicator costs RUB 4000 with its service life of 3-5 years. The average cost of the article’s use for a knee injury is 27 times cheaper than arthroscopy. Cooperation with Sports Ministry will provide an opportunity to allocate part of the resources to sports development, including backyard sports.

Rooms for rehabilitation and psychological release in businesses and organisations will help prevent the burnout syndrome, stresses, chronic fatigue, occupational diseases, work injuries, keep up staff performance, reduce staff turnover, save on sanatorium and spa treatment, which is especially important for businesses and organisations with physically hard and harmful labour conditions.

The average number of the lost work days per year is 82,7 days. At an average salary of RUB 30 thousand a company would lose up to RUB 30-60 thousand for one sick leave, and about RUB 82 thousand on average for 1 employee. To say nothing of the losses due to the employee absence from work. The consequences of the occupational burnout may amount to RUB 330-600 per day during a year even at a low salary rate. The cost of a room for rehabilitation and psychological realease with Alsariya products is RUB 80 – 150 thousand depending on the configuration. The products service life is minimum 3 years. The average number of people who can take a relaxation session is 10 people. The total cost of employee health rehabilitation and maintenance will be RUB 11 – 20 a day to save a company at least RUB 300 a day or cut costs by16,5 to 50 times.

The flexibility of manufacture gives an opportunity to fulfil custom orders, including orders for EMERCOM and disaster medicine.

Therefore, our beneficiaries are broad layers of the population, primarily disadvantaged groups: elderly people, veterans, children including those with neurological pathology, children and young people who are active in sports. And also employees of the companies with harmful labour conditions and people injured in accidents.

Only in 2015 we gave our products free of charge to homes and asylums for disabled children, rehabilitation and perinatal centres, orphanages, employment centres, to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and directly to children with severe diseases, the products cost price being RUB 2 million and the products retail price equivalent to about RUB 10 million.

Over RUB 1,5 billion were remitted in 2015 to such charity funds as Podari Zhizn (give a life), Radost Detstva (joy of childhood).

We have many diplomas and awards for our social and business activities:

Prize Winner in All-Russia contest of 100 Best Businesses and Organisations – 2014, Gold Medal in the nomination for Innovative Product for Children’s Health Rehabilitation and Disease Prevention at the ХХV interregional exhibition Medicine and Health Care, in 2014; Diploma For Innovations and Development at the Innovations and Development International Forum, in 2014; The Economy Leader-2014 National Certificate; Socially Responsible Company of RF National Certificate, in 2014; Prize Winner of the Global Industry all-Russia Industrial Prize, in 2015; Medal National Quality Mark, Choice of Russia, in 2014; Prize Winner in All-Russia contest for 100 Best businesses in the sphere of healthy life style and active aging, in 2016.

Being a member of Nation’s Health League, our company participates in the projects for the development of ‘the rooms of active aging’ and in charity projects. We are awarded the Star of the Glory of Fatherland for charitable activities, with letters of merit from the human-rights ombudsman of Orel Oblast, from the Administration of Kanash district and Kanash City of Chuvash Republic, from The Russian Veterans Union of Chuvash Republic, from the Nation’s Health League, LLC, from charitable funds and public organisations. We are a member of the Fund for the Promotion of Businesses (Certificate 3002), of the Obshcheye Delo (Common business) public organisation for the support of President’s initiatives in the sphere of the nation’s health care.

Information on Alsariya, LLC, is included in the Encyclopaedia of History of Promotion of the Russian Entrepreneurship.
Our goal is to expand networks of ‘health rooms’ where vulnerable groups could attend free rehabilitation and prevention sessions with our products. To support disabled children with palsy and other neurological pathologies providing individual areas for rehabilitation.

Support to children’s sports – we plan to allocate at least 65 per cent of the profit from selling products for recovery after sports related injuries.

2. Discover at our site or other public network our social reports at least annually.

3. Allocate at least 65 per cent of the social company’s profit to social and/or environmental purposes for which the company is established (see section 1).

4. Ensure that the social company’s management observe the Code of social entrepreneur.

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