Modern medicine makes extensive use of the radiation waves invisible to the eye. One of the radiation types widely used in physiotherapeutic procedures is infrared radiation. Infrared radiation is electromagnetic radiation which occupies the spectral range between the red end of the visible light and the microwave radiation. 50 per cent of the sunrays, the most part of the rays emitted by incandescent and gas discharge lamps consist of infrared rays. Man does not see any IR-rays, but feels them as heat.

The infrared rays’ main advantage over other types of heat treatment involves deeper heating. These rays can penetrate into the tissue 3-7 cm deep. However, it is not the IR-rays that directly contribute to the procedure’s final therapeutic effect, but the organism’s physical, chemical and biological response they activate. Heat impact improves peripheral circulation, accelerates metabolic processes. It removes edema, especially during inflammatory processes. And intensive sweating resulting from IR ray impact removes excess liquid from the organism thus reducing nerve compression and, therefore, reducing pain. The indications for the use of infrared therapy include sub-acute and chronicle on-suppurative inflammations of skin, burns and frostbites, sluggish wounds, myositis and neuralgia

Special devices and lamps are used to modulate such rays.

However, another source of infrared radiation is our body. Consequently, man can use himself for therapy, or, to be more specific, use the heat coming from him.

Micro glass spheres are excellent accumulators of this heat type. On the one hand, they accumulate infrared heat, on the other hand, they give it back making the micro glass spheres’ temperature rise. It is the feature to accumulate infrared radiation that makes the items with micro glass spheres heat up.

In fact we can say that the micro glass spheres, or, rather, their ability to give up heat, represent an opportunity to have physiotherapeutic procedures at home. For this purpose it is enough to obtain a relevant item containing microspheres.

How and for whom can products with micro glass spheres be used?


  • chronic and sub-acute inflammatory diseases of peripheral nerves, muscles, joints, viscera;
  • consequences of soft tissue injuries, joint and ligament injuries, infiltrates, scars;
  • burns, frostbites, sluggish septic wounds, trophic ulcers.
  • Contraindications: open bleedings.

With caution: malignant neoplasms, blood disorders, acute suppurative inflammations, active tuberculosis, essential hypertension.

Medicinal effects:

  • pain relief;
  • prevention of inflammation ;
  • improved microcirculation (blood, lymph circulation);
  • improved metabolic processes of the organism;
  • enhanced regeneration of injured tissues;
  • enhanced functions of endocrinal and excretory glands;
  • immunomodulatory effect.

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