Alsariya ergonomic pillows with microspheres

Alsariya orthopaedic pillows ensure comfortable sleep and rest. The filler of the pillows prevents your cervical spine from being deformed. Your neck will have an ergonomic position to ensure your cervical artery is not clamped and your brain circulation is not disturbed.

Unlike other orthopaedic pillows, Alsariya pillows feature a dynamical orthopaedic effect changing their shape with the change of your body’s position. They help your neck muscles to be relaxed. Alsariya pillows can change their shapes easily, therefore, you can put them under your feet or knees. The pillow will be especially helpful for those who suffer from back pains, pelvis and knee joints arthritis.

The pillows are recommended particularly in case of:
– insomnia
– frequent headaches
– brain concussion and other consequences
– ear noise
– serious physical and psychological stress
-need to fall fast asleep
– pregnancy.

Alsariya orthopaedic pillows contribute to a better complexion, help mitigate oedemas and flatten small wrinkles.

Alsariya pillows are indispensible in case of catarrhal diseases. The filler of the pillows features a strong bactericidal effect improving body resistance and inhibiting virus reproduction. Alsariya pillows are very useful for highly allergic individuals, because no dust mites or other parasites can live there. The pillows may be used as a quick aid in case of injury, hurt (applied to the affected part of your body), convulsions, pains, heavy legs, lower extremity varicose vein disease, notalgia, colics of any kind (intestinal, bilious, nephritic), digestion problems. Alsariya orthopaedic pillows are available in various sizes so that anyone can select the size they need.

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  • 11Х22_0311Х22_04

    Pillow (napkin) 11,5 х 22,5

  • IMG_023724RVfKMovJg

    Pillow 120 х 70 (1/2)

  • IMG_023724RVfKMovJg

    Pillow 120х70 (set for children)

  • подушка-32_32подушка-32_32

    Pillow 32 х 32

  • подушка-37_45подушка-37_45_2

    Pillow 37 х 45

  • сидушка_1сидушка

    Pillow 37 х 45 (for car)

  • подушка-40_50подушка-40_50_01

    Pillow 40 х 50

  • подушка-40_62подушка-40_62_03

    Pillow 40 х 62

  • _IGP0591_IGP0606

    Pillow 40х50 (for car)

  • подушка-детскаяПодушка детская

    Round pillow D 32 light (“for children”)

  • подушка-подарочная_3подушка-подарочная_4

    Round pillow D 32 cm with cower

  • подушка-круглая-37подушка-круглая-37_2

    Round pillow D 37

  • подушка-37-круглая-половнного-наполненияподушка-37-круглая-половнного-наполнения_1

    Round pillow D 37 light

  • полушка-круглая-45полушка-круглая-45_1

    Round pillow D 45

  • полушка-круглая-45полушка-круглая-45_1

    Round pillow D 45 ½

  • IMG_023724RVfKMovJg

    Flat pillow 100 х 70 (1/2)

  • IMG_023724RVfKMovJg

    Flat pillow 100 х 70 (set for children)

  • _IGP0705_IGP0729

    Flat pillow 150х170 (“infrared capsule”)

  • 7BKtSgESfoZLnid6UB1K

    Flat pillow 70х50 (1/2)

  • 7BKtSgESfoZLnid6UB1K

    Flat pillow 70х50 (set for children)

  • IMGP4250

    Flat pillow 80х180 (“tourist carpet”)

  • подушка-17_22подушка-17_22_03

    Pillow (mini) 17 х 22

  • podgolovnik_avto_03podgolovnik_avto_02

    Pillow (mini) 17 х 22 for car

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