What is inside Alsariya products?

Alsariya products are filled with a mix of three types of microspheres: sodium- borosilicate microspheres, potassium- sodium- borosilicate microspheres and potassium- sodium micro-beads with silicone coating. These microspheres are mixed in a special patented proportion.

What are the microspheres?

The microspheres – are hollow glass beads of ideal spherical shape made of various types of special glass and coated with a fine layer of a unique composition. The microsphere size is 15 to 300 micron. Highly strong: to break the microspheres in an inner sole the pressure must be 22 tonnes. That is why the warranty period for the product filler is at least 30 years.

What are the microspheres made of?

The microspheres are made of natural minerals (quartz and field spar). The medicinal microspheres are coated with silicon. Some of the microspheres are in the defence industry, others in burn-treating beds, the last ones are being developed by researchers specially for Alsariya.

What is the difference between different types of microspheres?

There are various types of microspheres: glass (sodium- borosilicate , potassium- sodium- borosilicate and potassium- sodium) – these are the most complex, time consuming, scientific and expensive microsphere to manufacture, made of environmentally friendly materials. There are only two large manufacturers of glass microspheres in our country: Glass Fibre plant in Novgorod and Term NPK (research and manufacturing complex).

Aluminosilicate (silicon) microspheres represent the cheapest type of microspheres generated at central heating and power plants as a result of brown coal burning (a waste product). These are used for building and have a great number of impurities of salts of heavy metals.

Polymer microspheres are made by various plastic manufacturers. They are weak and quickly deformed.

Alsariya products contain only glass microspheres.

What are micro-beads? How do they differ from microspheres?

A micro-bead is different from a microsphere because the micro-bead is solid. That is why it has different reflective properties including thermal conductivity, greater density and, therefore, weight. Alsariya products contain micro-beads with silicone coating made by Ritm, LLC. It is a well-known Russian manufacturer of burn treating beds and beds for rehabilitation of new-borns – the products Alsariya-Baby mattresses are based on.

What is the use of a micro-bead silicone coating?

Micro-beads are made of potassium and sodium glass. The micro-beads’ surface is coated with silicone. High concentration of alkaline components in glass ensures air sterility in the glass micro-beads. It is achieved with the alkaline medium created by the patient’s secretions discharged in the bed through the filtering bed sheet. The alkaline medium is ruinous for microorganisms. Without secretions, the microorganisms die of increased dryness in the glass micro-bead environment. The micro-beads’ size is 50=160 microns. Thus, the silicone coating has strong bactericidal effect.

What are the properties of Alsariya filler?

Pseudo-liquid property creating the state of pseudo-weightlessness.
Unique properties of ray reflection including the reflection of human body’s infrared heat, of brain and body cell impulses with the resonance effect.

  • Antiallergenic properties
  • Bactericidal properties
  • Ergonomic properties

There is a number of effects not recognised by modern science, but nevertheless mentioned by a number of scientists and being under research now, including:

  • effect of the hollow structure effect;
  • effect of the shape;
  • fractal effect;
  • ability to normalise bio field.

What is the pseudo-liquid property and the pseudo-weightlessness effect?

Have you ever tried to lift a grown-up person with your hands? It is pretty hard. But if you try to do it in water, it won’t be that hard. The greater water density, the easier to do it. In the Dead Sea one can easily lie on the water reading a book. It looks like flying weightless. It happens due to the buoyancy force of water. Balancing the gravitation force it creates the state of weightlessness as the gravitation force affects the organism and gets down so the organism starts to function in the unique conditions. In these conditions the organism becomes self-regulating and self-rehabilitating to deal with various health problems independently. In the state of weightlessness the capillaries open improving blood circulation. It means that the absence of gravitation contributes to improved blood circulation and nutrition process, wrinkle flattening, improved all body functions. It is exactly this state of weightlessness created by Alsariya. Simulation of the pseudo weightlessness has been employed in neonatology (a part of medicine dealing with new born children) since the eighties to rehabilitate new born children with perinatal pathology, especially with nervous system pathology, pneumonia, and premature neonates.

What is the effect of the reflected infrared radiation? Is this heating harmful?

Everybody knows that human organism produces heat energy emitted as infrared rays. The infrared exposure does not only affect human skin, but also human cells.

This exposure contributes to the growth of the body cells’ potential energy, the loss of their free moisture, the enhanced activity of specific cell structures, the growth of immunoglobulin level, the enhanced activity of ferments and oestrogens, and other types of biological and chemical response.

What therapeutic effect does the infrared heat have?

The infrared radiation therapeutic effect is well known to help in case of:

1) Cardiovascular disorders
2) Kidney diseases
3) Blood circulation disorders
4) Muscles and joints
5) Catarrhal diseases
6) Muscles and joints
7) Ear, nose, throat
8) Excess weight problems
9) Cellulitis
10) Skin burns
11) Nervous system disorders
12) Immune system
12) Traumas and postoperative period
13) Digestive disorders
14) Cosmetic problems (acneiform rash, pimples, nettle rash, dandruff, the complexion is improved, the wrinkles flatten)

Also, several US research laboratories (Dr. Masao Nakamura «О&P Medical Clinik», Dr. Mikkel Aland «Infrared Therapy Researches» and others) report the effects of far-infrared emissions:

1) Inhibition of cancer cells growth
2) Termination of some types of hepatitis virus
3) Neutralisation of electric field exposure
4) Recovery from dystrophy
5) Enhanced generation of insulin for diabetics
6) Neutralisation of radioactive exposure
7) Treatment of hepatocirrhosis
8) Recovery from, or relief of, psoriasis.

What makes Alsariya products anti-allergic?

  • anti-allergic effect (preventive);

one of the strongest allergens are dust mites living in organic matter such as feather pillows, but not in inorganic matter. Alsariya pillows contain glass microspheres inside which are inorganic and, therefore, prevent any breeding of dust mites or other parasites.

What makes the products antiseptic (bactericidal)?

Our products are made of antibacterial fabric used for special medicinal clothes.

The fabric does not require any recoating with antimicrobial agent after laundry or any disposable suit, thus insuring economic efficiency.

The results of testing TEREDO PERMAGUARD fabric after 100 cycles of laundry at 85°С at a certified laboratory of Great Britain demonstrated the reduction of staphylococcal bacteria by up to 99.9%.

What do the ergonomic properties of Alsariya products mean?

Alsariya follows ideally the contours of the body part placed on it. It helps the sleeping man’s head and the neck obtain the right, ergonomic position. There is maximum relaxation, the muscles relax. In 10-15 minutes the item becomes ergonomically shaped and moderately hard. First of all, it helps prevent cervical osteochondrosis and scoliosis. Alsariya adapts to anyone, to any position of one’s head, taking the shape of anyone who contacts it and changing its shape as their body position changes thus creating the ideal conditions for the spine. The cerebral blood supply improves resulting in a great number of various health effects. It contributes to the eye sight and hearing recovery, headache relief, arterial tension normalisation, appearance improvement: the wrinkles flatten, the complexity improves, the swelling of the face disappears, the hair starts growing, which is often the case with absolutely bald people. It contributes to mental abilities, that is particularly apparent in children and seniors. The hyperexcitable-child syndrome disappears, the children fall asleep quicker, sleep fast and wake up easily. They learn much better. The seniors’ recollections come back. It is quite important that the pain from osteochondrosis passes quickly, that is particularly apparent.

Sedentary life-style is another problem of today. The sitting on a hard inconvenient surface contributes to disturbed blood circulation of the small pelvis, to hemorrhoids and prostatitis development, to gynecological disorders . It is particularly important for people who spend a lot of time driving, working with a computer or at the desk. If you spend much time sitting, you do need Alsariya to prevent haemorrhoids and prostatitis.

Which diseases might Alsariya products be helpful for?

Alsariya products’ application range is quite broad. They are used as part of combined therapy to treat and prevent spine and osseous-articular disorders, cardiovascular disorders, various neurological diseases, inflammations, traumas and fractures, convulsions of unstriated muscles, vegetative nervous system disorders, psychosomatic disorders, neuroses, and other pathologies of children and young people.

What are the contraindications to Alsariya products?

We do not recommend to apply our products on a bleeding area only during active intensive bleeding.

Why does the product get hard during its use?

It is known that in case of problems with a human organism the impulsion of the affected organ’s cells changes (the so-called ‘bio-field’ becomes thin or disappears altogether), i.e. the charge becomes weaker. If there is a positive charge in one zone of a human body and a negative one in another zone, the same charge transfers to Alsariya microspheres. It is known from physics that particles with different charges are attracted to each other. The greater the charge difference, the greater the attraction, the harder the item. That means hardening is often indicative of a problem or misbalance in a human organism (including psychological ones such as overstrain).

But if there is a heavy object on the item, the item gets hard too.

Yes. The microspheres get pressed together under the weight. That is why the item becomes ergonomically shaped. But unlike electromagnetic interaction, such hardening can be easily avoided by slightly shaking or moving the item.

What is to be done if the item gets hard?

The simplest way to restore Alsaria’s properties is to put it in a sunny place, in the open air, near a source of heat, or just shake it. In this case it becomes fluffy. (When different charges interact, they get neutralised.)

Can one and the same item be used by several family members?

It is not prohibited to give Alsariya to another person provided it has its properties recovered after being placed near a source of heat. However, being a personal item, it is better to be used individually, particularly if there are serious patients or children in the family.

How should Alsariya items be maintained?

To ensure the items’ integrity it is recommended to obtain pillow slips and cotton cases. They are available for almost every item. After use put the item close to a source of heat. If the item is dirty you can wash it in a basin with soap and warm water. The inner fabric of the item is waterproof. It is strictly prohibited to use powered detergent or wash the item in a washing machine. Do not wring. Do not tear or split when using the item.

Is there a warranty for Alsariya products?

The product warranty is 3 months (месяца (inner soles, slippers, inserts for linen – 1 month).
If you have purchased a product of improper quality (unfortunately, defects do happen to any manufactures, even to the world-class ones), the defect will emerge within that term and you will be able to have the item replaced free of charge. In terms of the product’s outer fabric and seams, they are not covered under the warranty: our products are made of high quality materials to ensure continuous service without loose seams or frayed fabric (if handled carefully). For better service life it is recommended to use printed cotton pillow slips and cases.

Nevertheless, we can replace an item free of charge if it begins to fall down within a year, provided its general appearance is in a proper state. Unfortunately, we are often requested to replace an item, but it is very hard to guess the way the item was treated. Please remember, that the items are to be used only as intended, in cases made of printed cotton that you can make yourself or buy from us.

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