What are micro glass spheres?

Micro glass spheres are hollow glass beads of a very small size (10 to 200 micrometres). For reference: 200 micrometres make one fifth of a millimetre.

There is a great number of micro bead types.

Glass microspheres are made of natural minerals – field spar and quartz – by dedicated manufacturing facilities. In Russia only three facilities produce them. Manufacturing microspheres is effort and energy consuming.

Microspheres are white powder, dry by touch (reminds talc). In high volumes the powder behaves like liquid, and if confined (e.g. in an Alsariya-Baby mattress for children) one can think there is air inside. However, that is not the case: it is the microspheres behaving that way.

Because of heat conservation, microspheres are used as a filler in insulating construction mixes. Because of rays reflection, microspheres are used as components in the road marking paint. The combination of heat conservation and ray reflection enables the microspheres to be used as a component of a spacesuit.

The unique feature of the microspheres to simulate weightlessness has become a basis for treatment and rehabilitation of children with birth injuries and various malfunctions of tissues and organs.

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