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Alsariya, LLC, (Registration number 1085752004546, Orel) is a Russian leading manufacturer of a wide range of patented brands of medical and household products filled with spherical glass balls – the microspheres. Run by medical professionals, the Russian manufacture has been under way in the Russian market since December, 2008.
The products are approved by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and have all mandatory certificates.


You can download full catalogue >>> there < <<

Manufacturer’s Official On-Line Store

This site is also an on-line store where you can order our products by using the cart or calling 8-800-333-61-64
We ship products on the day of order (in case the orders are made by 15-00 Moscow).
In specific situations (big order amount, colour selection for most products) the shipment may take place on the following business day.
We offer progressive retail and wholesale discounts.

Phone: 8-800-333-61-64
9-00 – 21-00 Moscow, without break, seven days a week.

Who are our products for?

Our product range also includes pillows for sleep, mattresses, blankets, various applicators for hands, legs, body and head.

Our products will perfectly suit both adults and children.

We focus particularly on the products to be used by senior people and for rehabilitation of various traumas, locomotor system and central nervous system affliction, including new-borns’ birth injuries.

Our products may be used by sports people during their main work-out process and pre-contest preparations.

We also advise that our products be used by the people of sedentary lifestyles and the drivers.

Products for animals are presented as a separate line. These products can be widely used for everyday animal care, for veterinary use, particularly during post-surgery periodu.

Alsariya products represent a modern approach to treatment, prevention and aftercare. Varix, arthritis, arthrosis, central nervous system injury (including infantile cerebral paralysis ), haemorrhoids, prostatitis, stroke – that is just a small list of the diseases Alsariya products with microspheres can treat.

Alsariya is physiotherapy at home. Our products are not alternative to medical treatment, they may be used additionally to facilitate the basic treatment.

Alsariya pillow is a pillow with a number of unique properties.

Alsariya pillow is an orthopaedic pillow which removes load from your cervical spine.

Alsariya pillow is an ergonomic pillow which simulates a zero gravity state.

For more information on our product mix please visit our on-line-store.

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