When ordering an article at our web-site, you can select the colour of the outer fabric. We offer a wide range of colours.

What colour of Alsariya items is to be picked? To make your choice you can follow your ‘colour treatment’ advice, efficiency reasons, or your own preferences.

This page contains the maximum colour gamut for you to pick from. If you have picked a specific colour, please specify it in your order exactly the way it is indicated in the picture so you will get the item coloured exactly the way you chose.

It might happen that we don’t have the colour you need. In this case we will call you and offer you another one. Such things happen, but quite seldom.

We did our best to take pictures of the fabric samples so that the colours in the screen looked like real ones. However, please remember that the colour of the picture in the screen may slightly differ from the real colour of the fabric: it depends on the screen quality, screen configuration and individual colour perception.

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